After spending most of my adult life and art career in the Washington DC area, I now find myself in the beautiful coastal town of Southport, NC.  After years of balancing family with teaching and a studio practice, I now have time to focus in the studio. Moving back and forth between printmaking and painting allows me to find the best medium to express an idea or a feeling.  My chosen mode of printmaking using collagraph plates facilitates painterly marks.  I paint directly on the plexi plates using a mixture of carborundum and gel medium.  The gestural mark-making on the plate results in more rhythmic and spontaneous imagery for printing.  I have converted my studio over completely from oil-based inks to Akua soy-based water soluble inks.  Speedball has acquired Akua Inks and I work for them as a Southeastern demonstrator. 

Painting allows me to continue to work with mark-making tools and many different materials, focusing on gestural imagery on canvas, panel and paper.